Sunday, December 11, 2011

I Created my Own Screencast!!!

I have created this screencast to show how to enhance a word document.  I explain things like changing fonts, font size, and how to implement bold, italics, and underlining. To view my screen cast go to:

Monday, October 17, 2011


Hello again. I am so stressed...I just want to be here ^ ^ ^

My Cutie Pies!

Getting ready for Halloween...yey.  My little MaKenlie came to me and told me she wants to be the "big bad wolf". I'm so excited... what happened to the "scary" part of Halloween? It seems to me like all kidos wanna be these days is corny characters like smurfs or power rangers...What's up with that? I remember the best part of Halloween was getting to put fake blood and cuts all over me!!!! Kids just dont't seem to know what fun is anymore.  Needless to say...THERE R NO "big bad wolf" costumes for 3 year olds....Come on WalMart you gotta do better :)!!!

College Meltdown

What the heck was I thinking? I am really not so sure that being 25 in College is a good idea! All I can think about is how I have two kids (sick for that matter) a job that is never ending, and speaking of never ending...what about that laundry! OMG! I can't ever get caught up. I am so tired...I should be sleeping, but I have homework. SO here I am, forcing my brain to function even though it really isn't. The kids are good. Drake is walking EVERYWHERE and MaKenlie is as bossy as ever. She threw him across the living room yesterday...oh yea, welcome to britsfam! I hope yall are doing good! I'll post pics on my next blog of D and M because they are too cute!

later! britsfam

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Howdy :)

Hello classmates. This is my first semester back to college since 2008. Since then I have had 2 kids.
I am currently a Junior at Lamar as a General Studies major. Basketball is my passion ... and I am hoping to coach high school when I graduate.  I love spending time with my family. They are the light of my life. Hope everyone has a great semester.